Digital Fashion? What?

Ahhh…. Don’t Mind us, we had a long month and decided to spice things up a bit with some Digital Fashion and Augmented Reality. 

Wait, what is the story of this?

Well, we all now know the famous Balenciaga Speed Sneakers. They were too ordinary to us, and if you know us from some previous stuff, we don’t do ordinary. We like to spice things up a bit. 

Sooo, the story goes that we played with OpenGL for a bit and decided to see what would shaders do to the sneakers. Turns out, a lot. 

After we have played with shaders and did some internal magic, we needed to see them in Augmented Reality so the idea for the new internal filter came to be.

Scope of Work

Creative Innovation

Strategy & Organization

3D Modelling & Texturing

SparkAR Development

Open GL Development

User Interaction Design

What’s next?

We are pushing into the realms of digital fashion, removing the borders of physical and digital interactions.

Creating amazing and immersive experiences, be that as a product showcase, Try-On Solution or even Virtual Fashion within the medium of Metaverse.

Digital / Digital & More Digital

As the time goes by, we are looking at the new way of digital interactions with products and fashion. Gamified experiences within the fashion industry are becoming a new norm.

Want to see the future of fashion on your phone and test the experience? – Click the F X Digital V1 Below.

F X Digital V1

Next Project
Augmented Reality Game