Building NFT & AR Fashion

Building First Ever Blockchain & Augmented Reality Fashion Brand

Sometimes ideas come to our mind to venture into the new realms of technology and business. This is one of those ideas. We have crafted and created a D8 fashion line that combines the power of the non-fungible-tokes, Augmented Reality, and Physical Clothing line. Removing the traditional fashion model and delivering the experience of a lifetime to our users and customers


Strategy, Design, UX, 3D Modelling & Rendering, Storytelling,

SMM, Product Development, AR / VR Development & QA

Definitely not your

normal streetwear brand.

We have changed the approach and experience of high-end fashion through blockchain.

Users are able to purchase limited-edition NFT’s which then allows them to order a physical t-shirt

Physical T-Shirt is connected with the Augmented Reality Experience on the official Instagram Profiles.


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