Gallery of Non-Existing People
  • Gallery of Non-Existing people is a Research and Development project made internally at Definition8. Based on 20,000 trained images AI-generated people do not exist currently in the world we live in. 
  • We took those images and created a virtual gallery of people that do not exist showcasing some of the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence within the creative world as well as a fusion of Artificial Intelligence in the Augmented, Virtual Reality Spectrum. 
  • This experience of seeing non-existing people is available to everybody and it can be accessed on our Instagram Profile (@definitioneight) 
  • This project incorporates a lot of different technologies of the future and showcases some of the possibilities which can be achieved with the fusion of those technologies. 
  • Moreover, the project demonstrates the power of Social Media Augmented Reality Filters in a Virtual Showroom Space.
Showcase of the Experience

Experience is available on our Instagram profile. You can test it by clicking the link below.

Test the Experience here.