Meet Deffy
Internal Project
Animation & AR

Who is Deffy?

Well, how can we describe her? She is the face of our company. Combined with polygons, triangles, and circles. She started to appear in our offices in the summer of 2020 and it is still a great mystery of how she came to be. Our designer claims she once took over his computer and finished an illustration for him. We know for sure that she is curious, funny, imaginative, bold, and always ready for new and exiting proposals and ideas.

Deffy loves to Appear in the Images.

Bringing Deffy to Life.

We are the true believers in bringing things to life. That’s why we decided to bring Deffy to life with the power of Augmented Reality Technology on social media. Using Face trackers and Motion Graphics / Animations we created Face Filter of Deffy so now everybody can see her and be her.

Mouth & Eye Tracking & Detection

Deffy is not your ordinary Face Mask. We crafter a simple script to check and track the eyes as well as mouth. This combined with the Animation as well as Design aspect gives the filter a new form.

See deffy showcase video

Deffy Showcase Video

Deffy thanks you for visiting her case study.

You can also find links to the Augmented Reality filters of Deffy on Snapchat as well as Instagram Below.

See the filter in Action:

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