Merging Fashion with Blockchain

Building high-end streetwear / collectibles brand living within in the real world and the metaverse.

About the project.

THE D-8.XYZ is a high-end fashion and collectibles company located in Zagreb, Croatia specializing in creating limited digital and physical pieces connected with NFT’s and / or Augmented Reality.

THE D-8.XYZ products are divided into three main categories.

Physical Clothing ✌

Physical Clothing connected with Augmented Reality through Instagram Filters. When you purchase the physical clothing on the website you can scan the pieces with Augmented Reality through our official Instagram Account. Bringing the digital to the physical world.

Digital & Physical Collectibles 🥶
Digital & Physical connects the physical and digital worlds. We are creating and developing digital fashion & collectibles within the blockchain network (NFT’S) which you can redeem for a physical copy after certain amount of time.
Virtual Collectibles

Virtual Collectibles live within the metaverse on a blockchain network. These are virtual clothing and collectible pieces available for purchase through NFT marketplaces. 

Scope of Work

Creative Innovation

👌 User Interaction Design

👾3D Animation & Design

💎 Product Development

👽 NFT Curation

🌲 SM Management

🎨 2D Design

🤖 SparkAR Development

👟 Fashion Design

👏 Lens Studio Development

🙄 Marketing & Product Fit

🦆 Web Development

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Custom NFT Phygital Collections (Concept )

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