Score Goals!
Instagram AR Filter
TotalTV - 2020

Goal of the Project

The end goal of the experience was to promote the new TV soccer channels for TotalTV Croatia and expand their reach on their social media profiles with a particular interest in Instagram.

About the Client & Project

We had the pleasure of working with one of the biggest television & media companies in the Adriatic Region, Total TV. In collaboration with TotalTV Croatia, we have launched a Social Media Campaign Called “Zabij Gol!”. Where players from all over the region compete and play our Instagram game to get a chance to win some amazing prizes.

Overall Project Overview

We have created an Augmented Reality Filter on their Instagram Profile where users can move with their head left and right to score as many goals as possible. If the user hits the balloon the game is finished.

Combining the power of Augmented Reality Filters as well as creating and putting a gaming aspect onto the filter creates an immersive experience for their Instagram followers.

Design & Functionality

When it comes to the design aspect we wanted to keep it simple, combining just a few colors such as orange, black as well as white. We have also worked with segmentation and gradients to give a “Orange” look to the whole experience.

User interaction & experience is one of the most important things in Augmented Reality. We have created an intuitive experience for the user, from pressing the record button to start the game all the way to moving the head left and right to score points.

“Zabij Gol!” – Instagram AR Game.

“Zabij Gol!” – Promotion of the Game

Try the Game:

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