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Re-Branding can be challenging. Ultimately, the goal is to create a brand identity that connects with your clients and understands the needs and desires. When presenting different services brand identity, especially in the Technology & Production Industry can be challenging. Recently I’ve re-branded my Software & Development Agency and this is the process as well as a vision for it.

To have a little bit of a back story to everything, currently, I am a senior majoring in BSc IT Web & Mobile Computing, in the past, I have worked as a freelancer on many different projects ranging from Initial Public Offering (IPO) Design, Web & Mobile Development, E-Commerce as well as Augmented Reality. Most of my focus was purely on the local economy and the industry. Since I am located in a rural part of North Croatia there weren’t as many Service Providers and demand was high. I put all of my portfolios together and decided to start my venture and see that the future brings me. This venture was called Phi-Technologies and this is the re-branding of it.

Why Re-Brand the established Startup?

First and foremost, Phi came to be naturally, without any processes of re-branding or anything similar. I remember I was researching the Golden Ratio and It just sort of clicked. At that time this was the perfect name especially for a Croatian Company which was mostly doing work in the area. I liked the greek letter and took it as a logo with some variations and small changes. The fact that this was all connected to mathematics made even more sense.

Fast forward 1 year and we are here. A few weeks ago I wanted to push for a .com domain and establish better SEO as well as Brand Identity. This was harder than it initially seemed. I was fully aware that was not an option even if it was for sale the price would be in millions. I tried or or even phi. agency and things like that. Most of them were taken, some were available but in the 2000$+ mark which for me as a student was not an option. Moreover, I started to notice that there are many different companies with the same name providing similar services in different areas. At this point, I knew I needed to change a few things especially if I wanted to expand to different markets. Create a new identity that was not associated with anything. Simple, clean, and elegant.

Definition8 & How it came to be.

I started to browse different ideas, you know how it goes, you go on Pinterest looking for some ideas, get that inspiration running through the veins. My only Moto was. Don’t overthink this a lot (which I’m known to do). Moreover, I also turned to world-class artists who were an inspiration to me long before the creation of Phi-Technologies. Those artists were Kaws, fashion designer Virgil Abloh to mention few. I decided to go for a modern, contemporary design with bold and visual statements. These were the initial steps for the Definition8.

Definition8 Identity


Statement & Identity

Why definition8? It is simple and elegant. It is a bold name combining the well-known word with a number that represents the 8 things the company stands for. Furthermore, it tells the story about us as a brand, as a small production and development company which pushes the boundaries of bold and visual. It somehow weirdly and unconventionally tells the story by itself and this is what I was hoping to achieve.


To conclude the whole story this whole process and mind-bending word-play can maybe benefit some of you looking to re-brand your business by yourself and create a deeply desired brand identity in the world.

Phi-Technologies is now Definition8