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“The World of Interactive Storytelling

Who are we?

Hi, we a definition8. A Digital Storytelling & Interactive Agency ™ We combine the power of Creativity with the beauty of intelligence.

As the technology progresses forward every day we partner with Agencies and brands to craft future proof amazing, emotional, and interactive experiences.

We are one agency, collaborating and working with top artists, designers, and developers in the world, crafting beautiful solutions with the touch of art. Ready to get started?

Get to know our solutions better.

We provide world-class solutions which combine the creativity with the data intelligence.

Firstly we start with brainstorming or adapting the idea of a client where we talk and discuss every single detail of the project. We discuss the end goal of the client and based on that we start to create and draw mockups for the project till we perfect it to the end.

Secondly we start on the design & development process providing feedback on weekly basis to the client about the progress.

Thirdly we publish the fully completed desired project with the client and based on the end-goal of the client we create deep analysis of the whole project using machine learning technology and artificial intelligence.

Our Location & Culture

Located in the capital of Croatia and in the hearth of Europe we push the boundaries of technology be that with the Immersive Experiences never seen before or world-class in-house production & development.

We are a young team of friends, designers, animators, data scientists, developers which work closely together with the clients to create solutions with some of the leading technologies on the market such as Machine Learning, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Mobile & Web Game Development and much more.


We help forward and out of the box thinking brands craft amazing digital products that bring joy and entertainment to their customers and users.

All of the digital products and projects are build in-house. From the initial idea and concept on paper, development and design of the project, 3D Modelling, Quality testing.

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