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Powering companies of today with technologies of the future. 🤖 

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We help brands and companies from all over the globe to craft amazing experiences in the emerging world of Metaverse. With the extensive knowledge and expertise we cover full lifecycle of the projects.

With a help of future-driven technologies, we are delivering world-class in-house production and development of AR / ML / NFT solutions.

In constant pursuit of stories and new technologies, we are deleting the boundaries of reality and crafting experiences told by generations to come. 

Faraway from a normal company. ✌

We work with agencies, brands, startups to explore and research the possibilities of the new generation of technologies and products.

Sometimes we venture into unknown technical landscapes be that with clients or independent ventures of our own. See the Ventures page for more information.

We do everything in-house in our creative studio based in Zagreb, Croatia where we Craft, research and explore the future together.


Social Media Filters
We create engaging social media filters and campaigns as well as provide a know-how about the strategy, organization and approach to the Gen-Z Audience. We cover the full aspect of Social Media AR from creative brief, development, design, launch and campaign analysis.
We craft and define immersive mobile & web-based Augmented Reality Experiences which connect the brands of today with technology of the tomorrow.
Combining the power of AI with creativity. From Deep Fake Technology, Creative Production & Campaigns powered by Artificial Intelligence. We create and develop amazing solutions that enhance the experience with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Blockchain & NFT'S
Exploration, education & Consulting within the Creative Blockchain & NFT space, building long-term projects and partnerships and helping brands to adapt to the new generation of digital art / games and collectibles within the metaverse.
Digital Fashion
Crashing the borders between the digital and physical we are stepping into the realms of the fashion industry by exploring the landscapes, crafting experiences all in the realms of the digital metaverse..


We promise we are not avatars. But we can surely help you integrate them into your day-to-day operations and campaigns. (Created using Wolf3D Platform, Ready Player Me)

Josip Vlah – CEO
Lovro Ljutic – CBO
Mak Gracic – Head of R&D
Ivor Baric – Head of Software
Petar Matic – Junior 3D Artist

We keep leading brands on the forefront of technology & creativity.


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