.Defining the visualization
We are creating beautiful & Immersive experiences all across multiple different platforms, reinventing and pushing the boundaries of Technology and Data Analysis, using world’s leading platforms.


Data Analysis
Our team of data Scientists and gather important data for the customer and automate the process of analysing, identifying the best possible outcomes and usage of the data provided. Using core technologies including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Strategy & Organisation
Let’s say you want to add something new to your company, create a beautiful new marketing campaign or Immersive Experience for your customers. We strategically plan the new experience, giving valuable feedback using our team of experienced designers, developers and marketing experts.
Mobile & Web Based Augmented Reality
Engage with your audience through a high end Augmented Reality Services. Augmented Reality is proven to be one of the next big technologies. We craft and define immersive mobile based Augmented Reality Experiences. Be that as a marketing strategy or full immersive scalable experience. We cover the full 360 life cycle of the game, from development and design structuring to maintenance and updates. Web based Augmented Reality is making a huge impact on the society and marketing. From Marker Based Augmented Reality experiences where the user scans the QR code which opens a new world of Augmented Reality to marker-less AR, where the users place objects in the real-world surface.
Social Media Augmented Reality
Social Media Filters are the new generation of marketing and product showcase. Either if you want to engage with you audience or promote a product in a 3D Environment. Facebook platform is capable of creating immersive AR Experiences using the Face – Tracking Technology or Plane / Ground detection. Furthermore, we are using next-generation technologies to craft and explore hand gesture movement on facebook. Instagram is the front end of Marketing. Our experience with more than 1.7 Million Views and Interactions on our Augmented Reality Filters and more than 240,000 Captures and Shares on profiles all around the world sums up the power of Augmented Reality and the immersive marketing. Snapchat is a platform serving more than 250,000,000 Unique and Daily users. We create high end immersive augmented reality games and filters for the platform. From simple Animated Filters showcasing the 2D product or a brand to more complex 3D Solutions like Video Games and real time product placement and integration.
Social Media Game Development
Facebook is on the fore front of Social Media. With more than 2 Billion + users and counting it is the largest social media site on the planet. We create highly engaging branded Facebook video games which connect you to your audience and create an amazing content for your brand. We cover the full 360 life cycle of the game, from development and design structuring to maintenance and updates. Snapchat is becoming more and more popular on the planet. From their Avatar Creation model to the recently developed game interface which allows brands and companies to create highly engaging multiplayer games it is the perfect platform to grow your presence and allow yourself to stand out from the crowd. We cover the full 360 life cycle of the game, from development and design structuring to maintenance and updates.
Game Development
We create games for brands all across the world incorporating the most leading technologies such as Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Three.js, WebGL and more. From artistic 2D platformers all the way to more complex 3D mobile & web games.